Floor Preparation Support for Residential Projects

What is floor preparation? In short, floor prep is a process where our installers inspect and rectify any issues with your subfloor, in preparation for your new floors to be installed.

Getting the required level of planness can require a variety of methods, include removing your existing flooring, levelling (or smoothing) your existing floor with the use of grinders, concrete levelling or more – check out our Floor Preparation page for a complete view of our Floor Preparation services.

The method used will depend on how your new carpet, vinyl, hybrid or timber flooring will be laid i.e. whether your new flooring is going on top of your slab, old tiles and so on. If there is any evidence of moisture within the concrete slab this will also need to be tackled by testing for moisture and sealing the slab prior to your new flooring being installed.

What's Required Pre-Flooring Installation?

When it comes to floor preparation, every job is different. Whether we are simply grinding down some humps, or levelling the entire room, this can only be determined once the existing flooring has been removed. We offer our customers a full-service solution, quoting on floor prep as soon as practically possible and providing the best advice based on the existing condition of your subfloor and the future use of your flooring.

It’s important that any damaged areas are repaired and that the area is clean and moisture free before your new floor is laid. If you opt for the One Source Flooring team to remove any existing flooring and any issues arise during installation, our team will discuss your options.

If you’re wanting to save costs and help with preparation, you can assist our team by:

  • Removing furniture from rooms and clothing from wardrobes. Our installers can move your furniture for a fee, however, we suggest personal belongings should be removed prior to installation. Any hanging lights should also be removed or fixed higher, so as not to be damaged.

If you decide to take up our furniture removal service, we ask that you empty any cabinetry, drawers, bookshelves etc prior to the installers arriving. Large items like fish tanks, billiards tables etc will need to be removed by a removalist.

  • Removing your existing flooring – including any underlay. We suggest vacuuming your floors and opening any doors and windows to improve airflow.
  • Remove any doors that may interfere with your installation.
  • Unplug and relocate any appliances such as your fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, ovens and alike. Where required, please use a qualified tradesperson as our installers are unable to do this for you.

One Source Flooring will generally only install over floors that we have prepared ourselves. By doing so, you will benefit from our 5 year installation guarantee.

What's Required Post-Flooring Installation?

We have created an entire resource on the best ways to care for your new flooring within our Post Flooring Installation Guide. 

Some of our tops tips include:

  • Read our Post-Flooring Installation Guide.
  • Ensure you read and understand the manufacturer’s Care & Maintenance Guides provided as specific cleaning methods, vacuums, mops, entrance mats and more are recommended for specific flooring.
  • When returning your furniture to your room you need to take additional care to ensure that there isn’t any dust or debris underneath to avoid scratching your flooring. We recommend using protective ‘surface guards’. These are sold in our showroom.
  • Do not drag heavy furniture back into place.
  • Make sure you cover your new flooring if there are additional renovations taking place in your home/business.
  • To maintain your 5 Year Installation Guarantee, review our terms

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Leave Your Flooring Installation To The Experts

To give you complete peace of mind with your installation, we recommend that your floor preparation is completed by a professional. Our expert, hand-picked team have years of experience and work hard to ensure that your floor prep is top-notch – it’s why hundreds of Gold Coast families and businesses have chosen to work with One Source Flooring. We even offer a 5-year installation guarantee!