Engineered Timber Flooring Gold Coast

Engineered timber is natural flooring that brings a feel of earthy luxury to your Gold Coast home.

Featuring natural variants, grains and properties, timber flooring provides a unique sense of individuality within your home.

With a multi-layer construction of pre-finished natural timber veneer with a hardwood or ply core, this flooring comes in a range of finishes. Opt for a textured brushed finish, a raw finish, high gloss or a semi-gloss smooth finish to fit your home’s interior and to suit your lifestyle.

Oak Timber Flooring

The benefit of having engineered timber flooring in your Gold Coast home instead of regular oak timber flooring is that it is installed using a click system. All pieces of the flooring can be fit to your existing floors and do not have to be attached to braces.

Depending on the rigidity and stability of the existing floor, installation of engineered timber can be carried out with either a glue-down or a floating solution and two different types of click; a tongue and groove or a 5G locking click.

Engineered timber requires a high level of expertise and knowledge to get the best results. You can trust our team to confidently guide you through every aspect from wood type to staining, finishes, installation and maintenance.

Our wide range of engineered timber flooring choices allow you to choose the best suited option for your Gold Coast home. Harness the natural beauty of engineered timber flooring and take a closer look at our range of timber solutions.

Aus madeGenuine Oak Snowfall Room Shot
Engineered Timber

Complete Floors Genuine Oak


Colour options
Aus madeTrojan Timbers Classic Collection
Engineered Timber

Trojan Timbers


Colour options
Aus madePreference Floor Castle Grey
Engineered Timber

Prestige Oak 15mm


Colour options
Aus madePreference Floors Prestige Oak - Parana
Engineered Timber

Prestige Oak 21mm


Colour options
Aus madeIplqw0 L
Engineered Timber

Pronto Engineered Oak


Colour options
Aus madeoak timber flooring gold coast
Engineered Timber

Select Australian Hardwood


Colour options
Belgium madeMajestic - Desert Oak Brushed Grey
Engineered Timber

Majestic Laminate


Colour options
Belgium madePerspective Nature Hero
Engineered Timber

Nature’s Perspective Laminate


Colour options
Aus madeengineered oak timber floors gold coast
Engineered Timber

Oakleaf HD Laminate


Colour options
Options to choose from
Timber FAQs

If you’re looking for sustainable and beautiful flooring for your new Gold Coast home or renovation, then you can’t look past Engineered Timber Flooring. 

If you’re asking what is engineered timber flooring when compared to solid timber flooring—the main difference is in its construction. Solid timber flooring is, of course, constructed completely of timber. Engineered timber flooring is constructed of multiple layers, usually all running in different directions to help with expansion and movement. It also has a top wear layer—some even making the flooring scratch-resistant.

Methods of Engineered Plank Construction

The manufacturing of engineered timber flooring is designed to be more ‘resource-efficient’, using up to ⅔ less timber than solid timber floors.

Multi-ply engineered wood flooring

Multi-ply construction is usually manufactured from mixed hardwood with each veneer running in an alternate direction to provide enhanced stability. The wear layer of solid oak is then bonded to the top of the multi-ply core.

3 Layer engineered flooring

The method is similar for 3-layer engineered flooring. The construction comprises 3 layers of thicker veneer with each layer bonded in an alternate direction. The core of the 3 layers will generally feature small individual pieces of timber that are bonded together. Solid oak is used as the top visual wear layer.

At One Source Flooring, we sell a variety of timber flooring solutions from leading Australian and international manufacturers. Timber flooring comes in a variety of types or species, including Australian timber and Oak.

We only recommend and install quality engineered timber flooring from the following suppliers:

Trojan Timbers 

Trojan Timbers are leading importers and distributors of engineered timber flooring with over 30 years’ experience. Their products are ethically produced and are environmentally safe. 

Trojan Timbers carry local and exotic species, with their standard range including various Oaks—both in natural and coloured variations as well as Australian species such as Blackbutt, Tasmanian Oak and Spotted Gum.

Preference Floors 

Preference Floors is a 100% Australian owned company that specialises in Engineered timber flooring, including engineered timber floor, vinyl and timber-look laminate. Their engineered timber flooring is expertly designed with different species, colours and finishes available. Preference floors are also proudly eco-certified and accredited. 

Visit our Nerang flooring showroom to explore our Preference Floors collections. You’ll be impressed by their quality and craftsmanship.


Wonderwood Floors is an Australian-based flooring supplier and distributor that specialises in timber and hybrid flooring. Their mission is to constantly be on the lookout for new inspirations and seamlessly incorporate those ideas into new product designs. Every shipment of product is closely examined by Wonderwood Floors’ highly trained Quality Control team, who reside at the manufacturing facility full-time. 

You’ll find Wonderwood’s beautiful Oak range at our Nerang flooring showroom. Customers are welcome to take them home and try them for themselves to experience the beauty and comfort that is engineered timber flooring.

Selecting the type or brand of timber flooring for your next project isn’t as complicated as choosing products like carpet as there typically aren’t as many variables. However, there are some important questions you may ask your timber flooring supplier when searching for the best timber flooring, including:

  • How long has the manufacturer been in business? Are they reputable and do they offer any guarantees?
  • How long is the warranty on the timber flooring?
  • What grade is the timber? If the grade is higher (A, B or C), these will be more expensive than lower grade timber, but of course, the higher the grade, the better the timber.
  • What is the thickness of the wear layer? If you’re going to be in this home for 10+ years, you may need to consider what’s required with maintenance.
  • Does the flooring installer offer an installation guarantee (like One Source does)?
  • Does the installer have any photos of how the engineered timber flooring looks installed, as the sample is not always indicative of the final appearance?
  • And of course, cost. Timber is one of the most expensive materials to lay so having a realistic budget is important.

If you’re searching ‘how to get wooden flooring’, we suggest that you drop into our beautifully renovated Nerang flooring showroom and explore our range of engineered timber flooring samples. As well as having some styles on our showroom floor, we have a range of products on display that you can try in your own home. 

If you can’t get into our showroom, we also offer free in-home measure & quote appointments. For engineered timber flooring though, we do suggest coming into the showroom as the samples are heavy and because we do have so many to choose from, it’s best to see them all for yourself. Timber truly does increase the value of your property, so we want you to get your selection just right!

And, speaking of samples, it’s important to note that the sample is only indicative of how the final flooring will look. We suggest looking at installed photos online to get an idea of the final product.

The most important thing you need to know about how to clean timber floors is that you need to keep on top of any spills and/or moisture. Excessive moisture or dampness on your timber flooring (especially in between your gaps), can cause all kinds of issues. 

To overcome this, we recommend cleaning up any spills as soon as they occur and using a mop that does not hold onto water. There are spray varieties at your local supermarket or hardware store which are cost-effective and avoid using excessive amounts of water to clean your floors. If it’s a sunny day, we also suggest opening windows or turning on fans to help speed up the drying process.

It’s also important to regularly vacuum your timber floors to ensure that there aren’t any debris that could damage your flooring if they were to drag along the floor (imagine a small rock caught under a dining chair that is pulled out). A vacuum with a floor-brush attachment is recommended.

Most importantly, we encourage you to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance recommendations when cleaning your timber floors. It’s important to follow these steps to maintain your warranty and guarantees.  

If appropriate, we also offer a flooring solution called PureFlor Hard Surface Cleaner. It is Australian-Made, contains only natural ingredients in a concentrated formulation, is pH neutral, non-toxic and removes the toughest stains by destroying organic stains, soils and odours at source.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when quoting the total cost of installing engineered timber flooring in your property. The price depends on the construction and quality of the product, installation requirements (we’ve covered some of this below) as well as any transportation costs from the supplier. 

At One Source Flooring, we manage the entire timber installation process from start to finish and, because we’ve completed your measure and have supplied your flooring—we can provide an accurate, fixed-price quote. 

It’s important to note that ‘wastage’ is also required, generally an extra 15-20% on top of the net area. By taking this and the below factors into consideration, you will have a more realistic idea on the square meterage you require for the job.

We recommend booking a free in-home measure and quote so that our expert team can provide an accurate quote. Other important considerations include:

Removing Existing Floors & Floor Preparation

Before installing the timber flooring, there may be a need to prepare your floor. If the project is a renovation, either you or our timber flooring installers would need to remove the old flooring and ensure that the floor is clean, level and in top condition.

Number of Rooms

The number of rooms that need new engineered timber flooring will influence the overall cost. Generally speaking, the cost per square metre of your timber flooring reduces as your requirements increase. 

Room Shape

Installing timber flooring in a rectangular-shaped room will cost less than a room that’s an odd shape or has round edges. This is purely due to the increase in time taken to complete the room as it’s more complex 


Timber flooring installation on stairways requires accurate measurement, cutting and precise installation. Due to the complexity of installing timber and it’s nosing on stairways, and the time taken to do so, you may need to pay extra for installation. 

Furniture Removal

We understand that not everyone can move big, heavy furniture. Choosing to take-up a furniture removal service can marginally increase your cost. If you’ve got the muscle to move furniture, we recommend doing this prior to installation to save some money.


If your property is in a highrise (or similar) and access to the space is an issue, this may increase the cost of your installation. If specific equipment or machinery is required to transport your materials to your property, this will be worked into your quote.

Buying and installing engineered timber flooring on your Gold Coast property is an investment, so it’s important to employ the services of an expert timber installer. At One Source Flooring, we regularly receive rave reviews from our customers and only pick the best installers for the job.

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