Caring For Your New Flooring

At One Source Flooring, we proudly offer eligible customers a 5 Year Installation Guarantee which applies only to the ‘installation’ of your new flooring. It provides our customers with peace of mind as your installation is guaranteed against faulty workmanship during the install process and for the five years following.

On top of this, following the proper care & maintenance instructions from our manufacturer’s, you are also protected by their guarantees and/or warranties. The manufacturer guarantees the ‘product’.

Depending on the manufacturer and product you have selected, you will have varying years of coverage on wear, defects, stain and soiling. This will usually be covered with our sales team, and is outlined in the guides sent to you by our team. Quick links to our manufacturer’s websites have been included at the bottom of this page.

Our Top Tips, Resources & Products To Maximise The Life Of Your Floors

  • Once your new flooring has been installed, we recommend that you inspect it thoroughly prior to returning your furniture to the room. If you have any concerns, please raise them with your installer, or with our administration team as soon as possible.
  • If the space is undergoing additional renovations, please ensure that the new floors are properly covered to avoid damage. Issues or damaged caused to the flooring post-installation will void your 5 year installation guarantee.
  • When returning your furniture, please ensure that the new flooring has been cleaned and is free from dirt. For heavy items, avoid dragging these on your new flooring. For ‘everyday items’ such as chairs, stools, desks etc, we recommend using ‘floor protectors’ to avoid scratches. Check these regularly and replace any loose or missing pads. We have these for sale in our Showroom.
  • Review the instructions provided in your manufacturer’s Care & Maintenance Guide. Following their guidelines will help ensure that you maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. There are key things you should take note of including:
    • How to clean up spills – Follow the cleaning instructions carefully – do not rub stains, use the recommended cleaning products etc.
    • Which vacuum type to use – Not all carpets can be cleaned using the brush bar setting. It is important that you check this before cleaning your new carpet.
    • Mop type – Not all hard flooring can be wet mopped. In some cases, the joins of the flooring may not be 100% waterproof. It is crucial that you understand the recommended cleaning method so not to damage your new flooring.
    • Entrance mats – Some flooring requires that you don’t use mats with rubber backing. Some mats can also cause staining.

Some of our Favourite Floor Cleaners — All Stocked in our Showroom

If you’re looking for floor cleaners that are recommended by our suppliers and provide real bang for your buck, check out some of the ranges that we sell in our Showroom.

How To Claim on my Products or Installation?

If you find fault with the flooring or installation, please contact our Showroom and we will advise next steps. Where required, our team will visit your site, take photos and raise your concerns with our local representatives. Alternatively, your Care & Maintenance Guides should have detailed processes on how to make a claim on your flooring.

Quick Links to our Manufacturer's Care & Maintenance Guides

As part of our installation process, we provide all of our customers with Care & Maintenance Guides from our manufacturer’s. If you’re looking for additional information on your product and general care tips, follow the links below.

We have compiled the following Care & Maintenance Guides from our carpet suppliers below.

We have compiled the following Care & Maintenance Guides from our hybrid suppliers below.

We have compiled the following Care & Maintenance Guides from our engineered timber and laminate suppliers below.

We have compiled the following Care & Maintenance Guides from our vinyl flooring suppliers below.