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In the dynamic world of commercial office design, choosing the right commercial flooring is a strategic investment. For savvy business owners on the Gold Coast, our bespoke flooring solutions prioritise durability, seamless design integration (including aligning with your brand colours), low maintenance, adherence to OH&S requirements, budget and practicality.

From commercial carpet tiles and commercial-grade carpets, to vinyl plank flooring and vinyl sheets, our team can help design, supply and install purpose-driven flooring solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you need assistance with your waiting room flooring right through to your boardroom flooring—One Source has your floors covered.

From Waiting Room to Boardroom—
Carpet Tiles Tick All The Boxes

education flooring gold coast

Crafted for the demands of contemporary office environments, our carpet tiles go beyond mere flooring—they are a strategic asset. Excelling in acoustics for various settings, from expansive office areas to focused phone conversations, carpet tiles provide unparalleled underfoot comfort. Compliant with non-slip safety standards, they offer a seamless canvas for integrating your corporate colours seamlessly. Their rapid installation and individual replaceability make them an agile choice, minimising disruption to your office layout.

Carpet tiles empower businesses to infuse creativity into their office aesthetic, playing with colours and installation formats that extend and reinforce brand identity. What’s more, they are a fantastic solution as they’re easily individually replaceable should your carpet tile become damaged or dirty.

office carpet gold coast

Roll Carpet for Office Spaces, Boardrooms and more!

Roll carpet is a great option for your office due to its seamless installation, large coverage and cost effectiveness. It provides excellent acoustics and reduces noise—especially when a thicker carpet underlay is selected. Choosing the right carpet that’s durable, easy to clean and is low maintenance can be more economical than carpet tiles—making it an ideal solution for boardrooms, offices and more!

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Low Maintenance and Long Lasting Office Flooring

Effortlessly navigate high-traffic areas with our vinyl flooring solutions. Slip-resistant, easy to clean, and remarkably durable, vinyl flooring is available in diverse formats—sheets, planks, and tiles—with finishes ranging from wood and stone to marble or abstract styling. Ideal for corporate spaces and contemporary offices, it blends practicality with enduring style.

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We Provide Office Flooring That Is Beautiful, Not Just Practical

Want to get creative with your boardroom flooring? Or to design a special entrance that creates a captivating first impression? If you’re looking for a little luxury or want to get fancy with your design, we offer luxury carpet for boardrooms and across the Gold Coast and more! We can blend flooring types, colours and textures—bringing your design to the next level.

Trusted Commercial Flooring Experts

When it comes to building and designing flooring for office projects big or small, local builders and designers across South East Queensland trust our team to provide them with exceptional product knowledge and impeccable installations. We have become trusted partners for many professionals including:

  • Queensland Education
  • Snap Fitness
  • The Bower Tree
  • Wyndham Vacations
  • Belle Financial Group
  • Dental Project Group
  • Gaven Early Learning Centre
  • Inspiring Choices 4 Kids
  • Aged Care Properties
  • Aftercare
  • Big 4 Gold Coast
  • And many many more!
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We can also meet required design elements such as luxury carpet for boardrooms with our wide range of office and education flooring solutions.

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