Whether your new flooring is being laid in a new build, renovation or investment property, you want it to not only look great – but you want it to last and be free from spills and stains. That’s why we stock PUREFLOR in our Gold Coast showroom.

Australian-made PUREFLOR sets a new benchmark for Hard and Soft Surface Cleaning performance. They have created a product that is safe and eco-friendly available in both a hard floor solution for benches, ceilings and floors, and a soft surface spray bottle for carpet, curtains and upholstery.

Containing only natural ingredients in a concentrated formulation, the PUREFLOR range is pH neutral, non-toxic and removes the toughest stains by destroying organic stains, soils and odours at source.


Soap & Chlorine Free – Products do not contain any soap, avoiding build-up over time.

Natural Formula – Formulated with plant based enzymes that will not upset the natural bacteria.

Accelerated Enzymes – Enzymes accelerate the destruction of organic material.

PH Neutral – Won’t damage surfaces.

Powerful & Eco-Positive

100% Biodegradable

No Chemical Agents

No Phosphates

Pureflor Sam 0061 Hard Surface


PUREFLOR is a floor cleaner for hard surfaces around the home and office.

  •  Contains a soap free, multi-enzyme formula designed to destroy and break down grease, oil and food waste
  • Eliminates odours by destroying the organic matter 
  • pH Neutral, non-corrosive and safe for all surfaces not harmed by water
  • Designed to discharge down drains, where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and food waste. Septic safe

Suitable for use on: vinyl flooring, tiles, wooden floors, concrete.


PUREFLOR Soft Surface Cleaner is an all-natural, multi-enzyme formula designed to attack and loosen tough stains and dirt on carpet and upholstery. 

  •  Works to destroy all organic matter, not just lift the top layer of soil and dirt 
  • Rapid penetrating action which gets deep down into the fibres of the carpet to loosen the debris
  • Eliminates odours in the carpet by getting to the source
  • Allows odour and stain removal without damaging fibres 
  • Removes a wide range of difficult organic stains, including blood, pet, urine etc 

Suitable for use on: carpet, rugs, upholstery, curtains.

Pureflor Sam 0094 Soft Surface

Drop into our showroom to see why more and more One Source Flooring customers are choosing to purchase PUREFLOR cleaning products for their new flooring. You can rest assured that your floor will be a design and functional feature for many years to come.


  • Before using product on carpet, always test for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area of the room, as some dyes used are organic. 
  • Can also be used to remove stains from all fabrics, like curtains, sofas etc.
  • Do not mix the soft surface cleaner spray with any bleach or oxidisers as this will de-activate the enzymes.
  • The enzymes are designed to remove all organic stains off the carpet. It is important to note if the stain is organic or inorganic. Types of inorganic stains are, tar, mud, soil, grease etc. 
  • When treating a stain that has already been treated with a chemical-based product, the carpet spotter may be required to be used more than once as the nature of the stain.

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