Snap Fitness Highlands recently relocated and relaunched, opening a new gym across two levels with multiple training areas. Working with Cre8tive Builders, we were tasked with providing a range of flooring solutions for these spaces, taking into account all of the hygiene and safety requirements required within the industry.

Client: Snap Fitness Highlands

Area: Throughout the entire gym including a variety of training areas and the Reception.

Products: Commercial Vinyl Sheet, Timber-Look Vinyl Plank Flooring, Carpet Tiles, Rubber Gym Tiles and Synthetic Grass.

Purpose: Relocation of the gym to new premises.

Making a Great First Impression

The reception area required a solution that not only looked great, but is also easy to clean, durable and low maintenance. Timber-look vinyl planks were selected as they offer the perfect combination of these qualities while also being cost-effective. Vinyl flooring was also a great solution as individual planks can easily be replaced if they become damaged.

Loaded With Commercial Gym Flooring Options

Vinyl Sheets for the Cardio Area

In the cardio area, the client chose to install Gerflor Commercial Vinyl Flooring. The use of commercial sheet vinyl is an ideal solution for gyms due to it’s germ-resistant qualities. The seams that join the vinyl sheets are heat welded together to increase the safety performance of the flooring by reducing the chances of trips and falls and germ and moisture penetration in the subfloor. 

Benefits of Vinyl Sheet Flooring:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Resilient to humidity, moisture, spills and more.
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Easy to install – reducing installation costs
  • Versatile with a large range of finishes and designs.
Snapfitness Vinyl
Snap Fitness Rubber Gym Tiles

Rubber Gym Tiles

To reduce the impact of dropped weights, we installed 15mm rubber gym tiles in various areas throughout the gym. It was important that the tiles had a non-skid surface, were non-toxic, shock-absorbent, stain resistant and were made from high-quality rubber compounds.

  • Number 1 selling rubber gym tile
  • Good value for money
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Don’t smell like imported products

Carpet Tiles for Pin-Loaded Machines

A small section of the gym also required the use of carpet tiles. As pin loaded machines now operate in this area, the carpet tiles offer ample traction to keep the machines in place. They also assist in muting any metal clanking sounds that these machines make, and easily define the area for gym goers.

Carpet Tile Benefits:

  • Carpet tiles have the additional benefits of being easily replaced should individual tiles become damaged. 
  • They are extremely durable and are designed to withstand high-traffic areas.
  • They are easy to install, reducing installation costs.
  • Carpet Tiles are easy to clean due to their lower pile with less debris being trapped in the fibres.
  • With a huge range of colours, there are plenty of options to tie your flooring design into your branding.
Snap Fitness Commercial Carpet Tile
Snapfitness Sledtrack

Synthetic Grass Sled Track

Certainly not something we see in many of our commercial projects, we also included a red sled track made of commercial synthetic grass.

We chose an ultra-durable product that would withstand the weight and traction from the sled and that didn’t require the need for sand, rubber or brushing. 

Choosing Purpose-Fit Commercial Flooring

Our team are experts in the product selection process, sourcing solutions that are high quality, easy to clean, hygienic and help prevent slips and falls. We’ll visit your premise and provide expert recommendations based on your business’s needs, current flooring, design goals and budget. 

Reach out to our expert team who can take you through our range of commercial gym flooring and guide you towards making the best choice for your gym or fitness centre.

We can also meet required design elements for other rooms within your gym. Simply book an appointment and we can provide you with our expert advice on the space.