For the past five years, we have had the pleasure of working with Wyndham Vacations, creating and updating their guest rooms with high quality, durable flooring that perfectly pairs with their vacation aesthetic – allowing guests to truly feel like they’re escaping the real world. We worked with a local builder to install new flooring in the reception area during their renovation as well as provided ongoing support in refurbishing their guest rooms.

Client: Wyndham Vacations

Area: Kirra Reception & Guest Rooms. Surfers Club Lounge and Rooms.

Product: Foyer – Interface carpet tiles.  Rooms – Feltex ‘York Street’ carpet.

Purpose: Refurbish floors during business renovation.

Kirra Sales Office Revamp

Our Commercial Flooring team was tasked with creating a beautiful surf-scape that truly reflects the environment in which the office is situated. Working with their team we decided to install Interface Carpet Tiles. This decision allowed us to design a beautiful, more sustainable space with colour options that aren’t typically seen in residential carpets.

Why Choose Carpet Tiles for Commercial Flooring Projects?

Providing excellent acoustics for phone conversations and guest check-ins, complying with non-slip safety standards, alongside a great opportunity for branding, carpet tiles are the answer to many office flooring requirements.

The great benefit of carpet tiles, as opposed to a roll of carpet, is the quick installation and the ability to refurbish a furnished office space without having to remove all the furniture. They are also individually replaceable if an area becomes worn or damaged, saving both time and money

You can also play with different corporate colours and installation formats, creating an extension of your branding in your office or education space. Multi-coloured and textured carpet is ideal for being more forgiving of any stains or spills that may occur.

Wool Carpet In The Guest Rooms

In the guest rooms, we chose to install ‘York Street’ by Feltex. This carpet is made with beautifully crafted woollen yarns with a defined dimensional texture that offers unmistakable style and class – perfect for a luxe aesthetic in hotels.

  • New Zealand Made
  • Multi-Level Loop Pile
  • Natural Wool Fibre Stain Resistance
  • 7 Year Manufacturer’s Contract Guarantee
  • 2 Year Installation Guarantee

Why Choose Wool Carpet for Commercial Flooring Projects?

Wool carpets offer commercial projects a range of benefits. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic as it absorbs common airborne contaminants. This helps improve overall air quality in guest rooms.

Hotels also benefit from wool’s natural fibre stain resistance – making it an easier option for cleaning and maintenance.  It is also a great natural insulator, improving the warmth (and cooling capabilities) within the room, preventing any loss through floors.

York Street in particular is a heavy-duty wool carpet that will keep its shape for longer, reducing both maintenance and replacement costs.

Wool Carpet is also naturally fire-resistant due to its natural chemical structure. As such, wool offers a much greater level of fire safety than other fibres (such as synthetic carpets).

Wyndham Surfers Paradise Club Lounge

One Source was also engaged to update some of the rooms at the Surfers Paradise resort as well as their Club Lounge. 

We installed Ontera modular carpet tiles in the Club Lounge due to their premium construction, innovative pattern acoustic qualities. This room is a popular rest-point for families and needs to be easy to clean, low maintenance and perform well under high foot traffic.

Commercial Flooring Wynham Club Lounge

We can also meet required design elements such as luxury carpet for boardrooms with our wide range of hospitality flooring solutions.