With almost a decade’s worth of experience working with local Interior Designers and Builders, we’re regularly called upon to work with the ‘Dental Projects Group’, assisting their designers to create beautiful, practical and safe environments for dentists. We recently finished a project for Gold Coast business, Teeth on Ferry using both commercial-grade vinyl sheeting and carpet tiles.

The biggest consideration for our client was choosing a flooring solution that was going to be hygienic and meet Australian health and safety standards. On top of this, the flooring needed to be highly functional and well presented.

Client: Teeth on Ferry

Area: Throughout Practice – Reception, Treatment Rooms, Bathrooms & Offices

Product: Treatment Rooms: Polyflor – Palletone –  Vinyl Sheet. Reception: Interface – Modular Carpet Tiles 

Purpose: Engaged to assist with new fit-out.

Reception Selection - Carpet Tiles

For the reception and offices, Interface Modular Carpet Tiles were selected. Carpet tiles are a popular option for businesses as they are sustainable, durable and come in a variety of colours and textures to emphasise your design goals. They also provide warmth and underfoot comfort required in interior spaces.

On top of being a cost-effective solution, the benefit of carpet tiles, as opposed to a roll of carpet in this commercial workspace, was that they are quick to install and are individually replaceable if an area becomes worn or damaged.

Cost of Carpet Tiles vs Carpet?

The cost difference between carpet tiles vs carpet, like most products, is dependent on the quality of the product chosen. In the long run, many businesses consider carpet tiles to be a more affordable solution for the following reasons: 

  • Carpet tiles are easily replaceable, reducing your ongoing maintenance costs.
  • There is less wastage due to modular format rather than roll product.
  • If the business is renovated or changes are made in the future, you only need to remove tiles in those specific areas – not an entire room. This is also helpful for any future wiring/cabling that may need to be installed.
  • Less interruption when renovating a furnished area.
  • More choice of colours and designs including custom designs and layouts as well as the option to lay in herringbone patterns.

Treatment Rooms & Hallways

In dental clinics, the use of commercial sheet vinyl is necessary for germ-resistance. The seams that join the vinyl sheets are heat welded together to increase the safety performance of your new flooring. 

In this instance, the client selected Polyflor Palletone Vinyl Sheeting. It is known for its superior slip resistance, cleanability and durability, making it an ideal solution for this project. It is also 100% recyclable and contains 25% recycled material.

Why Choose Commercial Vinyl Sheets over Vinyl Planks?

While vinyl planks are becoming a popular choice on residential projects for their ability to mimic natural wood and stone finishes, vinyl sheeting is a superior choice for healthcare projects. In addition to heat welding the joins to protect against germs, there are also minimal seams running through room/s compared to planks. This provides a greater defence against moisture that can potentially damage your subfloor. It also minimises the chance of damage caused by high foot traffic in the business.

Choosing Purpose-Fit Commercial Flooring

Our team are experts in the product selection process, sourcing solutions that are high quality, easy to clean, hygienic and help prevent slips and falls. We’ll visit your premise and provide expert recommendations based on your business’s needs, current flooring, design goals and budget. 

Reach out to our expert team who can take you through our range of commercial flooring and guide you towards making the best choice for your medical or dental space.

We can also meet required design elements such as luxury carpet for offices and boardrooms with our wide range of dental flooring solutions.