It’s no secret that many families across the Gold Coast have experienced issues within their homes from moisture and mould due to recent storms and high humidity levels.

In this resource, we cover what you need to do if you find moisture or mould in your existing flooring, plus which products are best if you have a moisture-bound Gold Coast property that’s in need of new floors.

What to do if you find moisture or mould in your Gold Coast flooring.


Heavy rain and humidity can cause moisture and mould issues within some carpets – usually presenting first as an odour from your carpet. If you suspect there’s moisture damage within your carpet, we suggest identifying the location and source as soon as possible and contacting a dry cleaning company to assist (try and get ventilation into the space ASAP too). 

Did you know that carpets with higher concentrations of dust were more likely to grow mold than those with lower concentrations.

Dry cleaners use specialised equipment to remove moisture and can give you some great tips to try and save your carpet. If the carpet is irreparable, the next steps are to contact your insurance company to have new carpet and underlay installed within your home by professional carpet installers (like One Source Flooring!).

If you do need to remove your existing carpets due to mould, we recommend leaving this to the experts as mould spurs can be dangerous if you’re not wearing the correct PPE during removal. Once your new carpet is installed, managing moisture in the future is the number one thing you can do to avoid replacing your new carpet in the future.


Most modern hybrid planks are considered waterproof, but what if you experience rising moisture from your slab (or flooding) which has affected your hybrid planks? Unfortunately, in most cases, the only thing you can do is replace the hybrid planks in the areas where moisture has hit. 

Most hybrid planks can’t easily be individually replaced, so we recommend that you speak with your insurance company prior to pulling up your floors to inspect the damage. If you’re advised that new flooring is required, then contact a professional hybrid flooring installer (like us) who will need to inspect your subfloors prior to the installation of your new floors.


While beautiful and eco-friendly, timber flooring does not tolerate moisture well and if present, can result in cupping, swelling, shrinking and/or lifting in humid and damp conditions. Early diagnosis is critical in addressing moisture damage of engineered timber floors. 

If you experience issues with your timber flooring (or any flooring, really), we recommend checking and managing the humidity levels in your home. Consider using a dehumidifier in warmer months or when humidity levels start peaking. We also recommend that you have sufficient ventilation within your home – running ceiling fans, ventilation fans and keep windows open where appropriate. If damage occurs, we recommend having your floors professionally inspected by your insurance company to see what can be repaired or salvaged.


Vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring options for humid conditions. While the planks themselves usually hold up fine, did you know that you can actually experience moisture issues under the planks? When moisture rises from your concrete slab, you may experience lifting and mould can grow on the bottom of the planks. That’s why we recommend moisture testing slabs in homes experiencing moisture issues to avoid this issue from occurring once you install new vinyl flooring.

Most vinyl planks can be individually replaced, so our vinyl flooring ranges are certainly a good option if you have previously experienced moisture issues in your home.

Flooring Recommendations for Gold Coast Homes with Known Moisture Issues

Generally speaking, if you have experienced severe moisture issues within your Gold Coast property, we would typically recommend vinyl flooring as a replacement—even in bedrooms. There are waterproof hybrid flooring options available and we’ve picked one of our favourites below.

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Aaron’s Top Vinyl Flooring Pick


Ultimo vinyl planks are 100% Waterproof, robust & dimensional stable. Available in a range of modern and stylish colours, Ultimo Vinyl flooring is available with two different thicknesses, 2.5mm for general residential use & 4.5mm for residential, multi-residential & light commercial use. 

We recommend performing a moisture test prior to installation and potentially laying a moisture barrier to ensure that mould does not affect your new vinyl planks.

Preference Floors Vinyl Ultimo, Salamanca
Pulse Hybrid Hero
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Aaron’s Top Hybrid Plank Pick


Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid features an ultra-strong core and unique top layer that protects against stains, scratches and impact damage, while the innovative click system ensures a fully waterproof floor. 

Like with our vinyl flooring, we  recommend moisture testing and (if high moisture is evident) and laying a moisture barrier prior to installation.

Carpet in Humid Gold Coast Homes

Studies show that the most important factor that contributes to fungal growth in carpets as well as allergen levels is elevated moisture, followed by the presence of house dust. When managed efficiently, most carpets will be appropriate for your project.

If you experience humidity in your home, wool carpet could be a good option. Bremworth (NZ’s leading wool carpet manufacturer) claims that wool carpet helps regulate humidity by naturally absorbing and releasing moisture. It’s important to note that prolonged or excessive moisture isn’t covered under warranties, so if this is applicable to your home, go with vinyl flooring.

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Aaron’s Top Wool Carpet Pick


Aviemore is a wool loop pile carpet with relaxed forms that maintains simplicity with a heathered yarn composition. It is also naturally hypoallergenic & fire-resistant, made in New Zealand with 100% NZ wool.

Bremworth Aviemore Aurora
Belgotex Westminster Data Home Office
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Aaron’s Top Nylon Carpet Pick


For the absolute in performance and style, Westminster will endure both high traffic areas and family living without compromising on a luxurious finish. Westminster really is your all-round performer, in the home or the commercial space.

  • Resistant to Mould & Mildew.
  • Stain and Fade Proof.
  • Will not Shed or Pill.

It’s important to note that this advice is general and recommendations on flooring are made on a range of factors, not just moisture. We always recommend dropping into our showroom to review our products and then one of our experts will visit your home to make a recommendation that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

To find out more or to book a free consultation for the installation of new flooring, visit the link below.

FOOTNOTES & RESOURCES: 1. In this study olefin carpet fibers appear to be the best choice for minimizing fungal and A. alternata growth compared to nylon and wool fibers. All fiber materials showed little to no growth in samples containing no dust. Based on the similar fungal DNA quantities observed with dust only (no carpet) and vacuumed dust (from carpet), it may show that the synthetic carpet fibers do not contribute to fungal growth but act as a reservoir for the dust to settle and remain in the home. This highlights the importance of adequate dust removal in carpet to minimize potential fungal growth in flooring. Allergen sensitive individuals may consider solid floors over carpet since dust removal is easier and more effective, and resuspension rates for dust are lower. 2. Study: Morphology and quantification of fungal growth in residential dust and carpets