Our Guide To Preparing Your Space
For Your Flooring Installation

Thanks for choosing to install your new flooring with One Source. As a locally-owned and operated family business, we appreciate your support! In this resource we cover what happens after your quote has been accepted and what needs to be done in preparation for your flooring to be installed.

Flooring Installation Process

Pre Flooring Installation Process

Now that your job is underway and everything has been confirmed, our team will order your flooring and materials to complete your job.

Once delivered to our Showroom, our team will inspect your flooring prior to installation.

Once we have a delivery ETA, our administration team will arrange your installation schedule and book in one of our expert flooring installers. We’ll keep you in the loop and even send SMS reminders prior to your installation. 

Floor Preparation

Floor preparation requirements are generally discussed with our sales team prior to you receiving your quote. For jobs where we cannot see your existing flooring to determine what needs to be done as well as the associated costs, this will be discussed with your flooring installer. For more information, we ask that you refer to our floor preparation page.

Floor Preparation Floor Removal

Preparing Your Home For Installation Day​

Have you decided to take up our furniture removal service? If you have, here’s what our team will take care of:

  • For bedrooms: We will relocate already-disassembled beds, mattresses, desks/dressers, toy boxes and empty drawers.
  • For dining areas: Relocate dining tables (cleared of personal belongings), chairs, empty buffets, empty side tables.
  • For living and media rooms: Relocate couches, empty side tables, coffee tables and tv cabinets. We do not relocate TVs.
  • For kitchens: We do not relocate double-door fridges, ovens or dishwashers. 

And here’s what we need you to do…

  • Remove all personal and valuable items from the space including items on desks.
  • Empty all cabinetry, drawers, bookshelves that need to be moved.
  • Dissemble any beds that need to be moved.
  • Remove clothing and shoes from wardrobes.
  • Pick up any loose items and vacuum the floor.
  • Hang any lights or hanging items that may get in the way of our installers.
  • Raise or remove any curtains that touch the floor.
  • Remove any doors that may interfere with your installation.
  • Remove wall hangings and pictures to protect them from dust.
  • Unplug and relocate any appliances such as your fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, ovens and alike. Where required, please use a qualified tradesperson as our installers are unable to do this for you.
  • Cover benchtops, photos on walls, wall-mounted TVs, speakers etc with sheets or drop sheets to minimise dust/clean up (you’ll thank us later for this tip!).
  • Close off other rooms.
  • Prepare a space for our team to be able to carry in stock? Usually a dry space outside near the entry for carpet to be measured/cut.

Please note, the following large items will need to be removed by a removalist (or yourself if you have the muscle):

  • Fish tanks
  • Billiard Tables
  • Double door fridges
  • Ovens

If needed, don’t forget to make plans for your pets for the day as noise, unfamiliar faces and dust can be a bit stressful. We’d hate for them to slip out the front door while our team is walking in and out too!

What If You Haven't Taken Up Our Furniture Removal Service?

If you decided to not take up our furniture removal service, you are required to complete all of the steps listed above, as well as the following:

  • Relocate all furniture from spaces where new flooring will be installed. Ensure there is a clear path for our team to be able to carry your new flooring into the area.
  • If you have removed your existing flooring yourself, please remove it as well as any underlay.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming flooring installation, please contact our office at info@onesourceflooring.com.au or on 5596 0994.