What is Hickory Flooring?

Hickory wood is described as one of the toughest woods today. It has a closed, rough grain, is dense and durable and has a long lifespan (Australian Select Timbers actually offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty!). But don’t let the rough grain fool you, hickory flooring has a similar texture to European Oak and feels incredible underfoot. 

Due to its high strength, toughness and hardness, Hickory was traditionally used in the 1800’s for the manufacture of horse cart wheels. Today, Hickory is more commonly used for flooring (of course!) as well as tool handles, drumsticks, baseball bats, wooden wheels, furniture and more!

Introducing our new Hickory Flooring by Australian Select Timbers

Why Install Hickory Flooring?

Australian Select Timbers product development team is passionate and motivated, and has taken design, comfort and craftsmanship to extraordinary new heights with this new flooring product; which can withstand the rigours of life. The fusion of hardness, strength, high stability and toughness – not commonly seen in many other engineered timber flooring products, combined with warm colours and a texture similar to European Oak, makes Hickory a must have choice for any home.

Hickory Flooring Janka Hardness Rating

The amazing hardness of Hickory Impressions, is a simple choice for any busy home or office. The product will stand up to the busiest of families and pets, and provide a floor that will look top notch for years to come.

  • High Stability 
  • Hardiness – Janka Rating: 8-11 
  • 15 Modern Colours 
  • Strength and Durability above European Oak 
  • Manufactured by a world class facility 
  • Lifetime structural warranty 
  • 20 year residential wear warranty 
  • 5 year commercial wear warranty
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Hickory Classique Range

Hickory Impressions Classique is hardened by nature and will withstand the rigorous of today’s busy lifestyles. Available in 15 modern colours, Hickory is a beautiful option for Gold Coast homes.
  • Top Layer: 2mm Veneer
  • Hardiness – Janka Rating: 8-11
  • Strength and Durability above European Oak
  • UV Laquer
  • Wire Brushed
  • Matte Finish
  • Budget: $$$
  • Hickory Flooring Pros and Cons


    • Hickory flooring is harder than Oak flooring
    • Naturally beautiful and durable
    • Requires little maintenance
    • Naturally hypoallergenic
    • Does well in humid climates
    • Can be sanded and refinished


    • Hickory flooring isn’t waterproof
    • Can be more expensive than other timber varieties
    • Not for DIYers

    Hickory Flooring on the Gold Coast

    In-Showroom Design Consultation

    Our wide range of flooring options means we can help you find the perfect flooring solution for your Gold Coast property. Whether you’re looking for Hickory flooring, engineered timber or oak, hybrid, vinyl or carpet—we’re sure to have the perfect flooring solution to suit any project.

    As part of our floor selection process, we encourage customers to visit our Gold Coast showroom first. Nothing compares to seeing all of our options in-person, with bigger samples available in-showroom compared to what can be brought to your home .

    Answering your Hickory Flooring FAQs

    Hickory flooring is not recommended for home renovators or DIYers. The hardiness of Hickory flooring can make it hard to install—with cuts being particularly tricky. We recommend recruiting the services of a professional flooring installer (like One Source Flooring!) who has experience installing hardwood or engineered floors.

    There are a number of factors that need to be considered when quoting the total cost of installing Hickory flooring in your property. The price depends on the construction and quality of the product, installation requirements (we’ve covered some of this below) as well as any transportation costs from the supplier. 

    At One Source Flooring, we manage the entire Hickory flooring installation process from start to finish and, because we’ve completed your measure and have supplied your flooring—we can provide an accurate, fixed-price quote. 

    It’s important to note that ‘wastage’ is also required, generally an extra 15-20% on top of the net area. By taking this and the below factors into consideration, you will have a more realistic idea on the square meterage you require for the job.

    We recommend booking a free in-home measure and quote so that our expert team can provide an accurate quote. Other important considerations include:

    Removing Existing Floors & Floor Preparation

    Before installing the hickory flooring, there may be a need to prepare your floor. If the project is a renovation, either you or our timber flooring installers would need to remove the old flooring and ensure that the floor is clean, level and in top condition.

    Number of Rooms

    The number of rooms that need new hickory  flooring will influence the overall cost. Generally speaking, the cost per square metre of your hickory flooring reduces as your requirements increase. 

    Room Shape

    Installing hickory flooring in a rectangular-shaped room will cost less than a room that’s an odd shape or has round edges. This is purely due to the increase in time taken to complete the room as it’s more complex 


    Hickory flooring installation on stairways requires accurate measurement, cutting and precise installation. Due to the complexity of installing hickory and its nosing on stairways, and the time taken to do so, you may need to pay extra for installation. 

    Furniture Removal

    We understand that not everyone can move big, heavy furniture. Choosing to take-up a furniture removal service can marginally increase your cost. If you’ve got the muscle to move furniture, we recommend doing this prior to installation to save some money.


    If your property is in a high rise (or similar) and access to the space is an issue, this may increase the cost of your installation. If specific equipment or machinery is required to transport your materials to your property, this will be worked into your quote.

    Buying and installing hickory flooring on your Gold Coast property is an investment, so it’s important to employ the services of an expert hickory flooring installer. At One Source Flooring, we regularly receive rave reviews from our customers and only pick the best installers for the job.

    No, unfortunately like most hardwood floors, Hickory flooring is not waterproof.

    Yes! In fact, it’s roughly 30% harder than oak. And oak is the industry standard for hardwood flooring!

    The Janka Hardness Scale is measurement of how various types of woods resist denting and wear. The test assesses the force necessary to embed a .444-inch steel ball into wood to half of the ball’s diameter. It is a flooring industry standard for evaluating how well various wood species can tolerate denting and normal wear.

    1. Sweep or vacuum your floor thoroughly as regularly as needed (at least once per week). When vacuum cleaning, use a soft brush so to not damage the floor.
    2. Use a Spray Mop with Wood Floor Cleaner to clean the floor surface when required; dry clean the floor first. Do not ‘wet’ mop the floor as excessive amounts of water may cause damage.
    3. Make sure you clean or swap your microfibre mop head regularly to ensure you don’t have dirt within it that may potentially scratch your floors in the future.
    • Install good quality mats inside and outside of external doors, to trap grit and remove moisture from shoes is a sensible precaution and will reduce the possibility of scratches.
    • In high traffic areas where spillage may occur, the use of mats is recommended to give added protection.
    • All furniture should have felt pads fitted to the base of legs or on other areas in contact with the floor to avoid scratches. On heavy furniture felt backed castors can be used if required.
    • Avoid using wheeled chairs i.e. office furniture or ensure that a large good quality office mat is used to prevent indentations in the timber.
    • Rubber based items e.g. the backing for matting, castors under furniture and rubber tipped furniture feet should not be in direct contact with the floor.
    • Keep pet’s nails trimmed to protect the floor from scratches.
    • All timber reacts when exposed to direct sunlight and this may cause colour changes or fading. Curtains, blinds or UV resistant films on windows should be considered to reduce the exposure to direct sunlight and protect the flooring. Furniture and rugs should be moved occasionally so that the effect of sunlight on the floor is uniform.
    • Any materials spilt on the floor should be wiped up immediately.
    • Maintaining the temperature and humidity within a reasonably consistent range will keep the floor stable.

    This really depends on the extent of the damage. If the damage is superficial, check with the manufacturer to see if you can purchase a repair kit and follow the repair instructions.

    If the plank is substantially damaged, you will likely need to engage with a professional flooring installer to re-sand and re-finish the plank.

    Like most timber flooring, Hickory is prone to swelling should it come into contact with water that is not immediately cleaned up. Hickory flooring is also not a DIY product, so you will need to factor in installation costs should you choose to install hickory flooring.

    As part of our process, we always recommend customers come into our store to explore our entire range. While we have all of our hickory, timber and oak collections on our website, nothing compares to dropping in and feeling all of the textures of our hickory planks.