At One Source Flooring, we proudly stock a wide range of high-quality wool carpets from Australia and New Zealand.

The Gold Coast is known for its beautiful weather, so you might not initially consider wool carpet, believing that it is only a solution for cooler climates. However, this is simply not true and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider installing wool carpet in your new home or renovation (outside of it being extremely cosy).

Why Should You Choose Wool Carpet?

Some carpets wear down over time, making them age quickly and look as though they’re in need of being replaced. Wool Carpet is fantastic at keeping its shape – reducing both maintenance and replacement costs.

Wool carpet is also naturally stain-resistant, making it easier to clean than other carpet fibres.

Wool carpet is typically not linked to allergies and can be a great fit for families. It absorbs common airborne contaminants which improve overall air quality.

Wool carpet is also a natural insulator – improving the temperature of your room by preventing heat loss through your floor. It is known to be cool in Summer, warm in Winter.

Wool carpet is produced from natural resources and requires less energy to produce than synthetic fibres. Wool carpet is naturally sustainable, as sheep grow new coats each year and are actually ‘fueled’ by natural resources. Some wool carpet manufacturers also use the oil that is removed during the construction process or other products.

Wool Carpet is naturally fire-resistant due to its natural chemical structure. As such, wool offers a much greater level of fire safety than other fibres (such as synthetic carpet).

Explore Some of Our Favourite Wool Carpet Collections

We proudly recommend and install quality wool carpets from some of the world’s best manufacturers including Bremworth, Signature Floors, Quest Carpets and more.

Aaron's Top Pick - One of our Best Wool Carpets

Aviemore by Bremworth

Aviemore is a beautiful wool loop pile carpet with relaxed form that maintains simplicity with a heathered yarn composition. It is is naturally hypoallergenic & fire-resistant. Made in New Zealand with 100% NZ wool.

Budget: $$
Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer’s Defects Limited Warranty*

Installed with our 5 Year Installation Guarantee!

Bremworth Aviemore Aurora

Our Wool Carpet Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wool Carpets Easy to Clean?

Wool Carpet has a great reputation for being naturally stain resistant, but does that mean they’re easy to clean? This depends on the ‘cut’ of your carpet – with cut pile carpets generally being easier to maintain than a loop. We suggest spot cleaning any wet spills on wool carpet immediately with a professional floor cleaning product (like pureflor), so that it does not absorb into the carpet or underlay. Dry spills simply need to be vacuumed up, we suggest doing this regularly to maintain the appearance of your wool carpet.

Is Wool Carpet Good For Allergies?

Wool carpet resists the growth of irritants like bacteria, moulds and mildew, trapping potential allergens and removing them from the air you breathe. With regular cleaning (we recommend vacuuming twice per week), wool carpet is suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.

So why wouldn’t you choose hard flooring when the dust is ‘trapped’ in the carpet fibres? The issue with hard flooring is that fine dust is more likely to travel around the room and into the air that we breathe. Research has shown that asthma sufferers can actually benefit more from the dust being trapped and vacuumed out as allergy causing contaminants aren’t being inhaled. You can find more information on this research here

Is Wool Carpet better than Synthetic Carpet?

Wool and synthetic carpets vary from supplier-to-supplier. Because there can be so much variation between brands and the way that the carpet (and it’s backing) have been constructed, it’s hard to simply say if one is better than the other. While there are a range of benefits when it comes to wool carpet over synthetics (listed above), it’s best to chat with one of our Flooring Experts to determine which products best suit your needs and budget. 

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