Our 2023 Flooring Predictions and Trends

Flooring design and construction has vastly improved over the past decade. We have seen the introduction of new flooring types (such as hybrid planks), the advancement of engineered timber and oak flooring as well as a rainbow of colours and textures pass through our doors – usually changing every couple of years.  

So what flooring will be trending in 2023? Let’s look at our top 5 predictions for carpet and flooring…

1. An Increase in Vinyl Flooring Selections

Vinyl flooring was hugely popular in the 50s and 60s, but it wasn’t the type that we see today. The structural benefits, the variety of plank sizes, designs and textures, the finishing accessories! Modern vinyl gives customers the freedom to create their dream floor with a variety of finishes (wood, stone, terrazzo) in countless laying patterns. It’s so incredibly versatile you can even lay the same colour in different patterns in different areas of the home. Want herringbone in your entrance but not everywhere else? No problem! Want borders down your hall? Too easy! Plus, cleanup is a breeze, it’s hard-wearing but still soft underfoot AND it’s long-lasting. 

While all of our vinyl flooring options come with their own unique benefits and advantages, it’s certainly a flooring type that we’re seeing more of in 2022 and expect to continue to see well into 2023 and beyond.

2. Increase in Natural Colour Selections

Grey tones were never going to last forever. We’ve seen a big shift from previously-popular muted grey tones with customers now searching for more natural, deeper earthy-looking colours more commonly found in timber and oak-look flooring. Paired with greenery, wool or stone fixtures, biophilia is a big trend right now (and will continue to be in 2023).

Carpet trends are also skewing in a similar direction. Instead of greys and cool-tones, warmer shades of pale beige are popular once again. Now, while not always practical for families with young children, these hues are generally timeless as they seem to come back in-style every couple of years.

3. It’s All About Texture

At One Source, we’re certainly seeing more of our customers (and Interior Designers) looking for textured loop pile carpets.What’s a loop pile carpet? Well, instead of shearing the carpet, the fibres are left as loops. The carpet (when in a thicker weight) is durable and trackless – so you won’t see walking tracks or vacuum marks. 

Loop pile carpets are available in a variety of fibres (nylon, wool etc) and colours. Their design can  inherently improve the overall look of your carpet design, while adding texture that’s not always found in sheared (or cut pile) carpets.

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Looking for texture but don’t love the loop?

It’s important to note that loop pile carpets aren’t always appropriate for every circumstance. Depending on your living circumstances or whether or not you have pets (cats in particular), a textured wool carpet may be a better choice for your project. This provides the naturally textured finish you’re looking for while being a more pet- and family-friendly carpet.

4. Wool Carpet - Sustainable, Natural and So Much More!

It’s no surprise that in 2022 more and more customers visited our Gold Coast Showroom looking for natural and sustainable flooring solutions. Instead of selecting synthetic fibre carpets, wool carpet popularity quickly began to rise – and rightly so. Wool carpet comes with a range of benefits. While being naturally stain-resistant, hypoallergenic and energy efficient, there are many reasons why you should consider installing wool carpet in your home or business in 2023.

  • Wool Carpet is Resilient & Family-Friendly
  • Wool Carpet has Natural Odour Control
  • Wool Carpet is a Natural Insulator
  • Wool Carpet is Sustainable
  • Wool Carpet is Considered to be Fire Safe

Our manufacturers proudly meet stringent quality standards with their wool carpet ranges.  To find out more, check out our blog on ‘Wool Carpet Benefits’.

5. Floor Laying Patterns - Let’s Mix It Up!

If the past couple of months are anything to go by, we predict that 2023 will see a rise in customers selecting to lay their flooring in not-so-typical flooring patterns. Selecting vinyl, hybrid, laminate or timber flooring and then installing it in your typical random lay pattern doesn’t have to be “the standard”. 

Many of our manufacturers are constructing their boards so they can be more easily laid into different flooring patterns. Most commonly, Herringbone and Chevron. Whether it’s engineered timber or hybrid or vinyl, why not “mix it up”. You can lay your flooring in a variety of patterns within your home while still maintaining a coherent design throughout.

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2023 Flooring Trends - What's Your Prediction?

Do you foresee any other flooring trends in 2023? We’d love to hear from you! To find out more about who we are and what we do as well as explore our range of flooring that’s right on-trend in 2023, book a quote with our team today.