Hybrid flooring is the next generation in flooring, developed by combining the best qualities of other flooring types to create a beautiful, hardwearing and water resistant product. Hybrid flooring that is sold today consists of several layers all pressed together, each with their own properties to bring you a more durable and long-lasting solution. 

What is hybrid flooring made of?

Generally, hybrid floors consist of:

Underlay (or Backing)  The construction of this layer can vary between brands, but usually consists of foam or cork. This layer enhances walking comfort, warmth and minimises sound transmission. By having this layer attached to the product, you generally do not need any additional underlays. 

Middle Layer  This varies from product-to-product, but more commonly consists of a waterproof core. This can be constructed from a ‘Stone Polymer Composite (SPC)’ which combines limestone, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)  and stabilisers, or ‘Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)’ which, you guessed it, combines recycled wood and PVC. SPC is slightly more durable, while WPC is slightly quieter underfoot. You may also have heard of RCB, or Rigid Core Board. This is relatively new technology that is manufactured from inert mineral compounds that are stable and provide little or no movement

Decorative Layer  It is this layer that is designed to replicate the look of timber, oak, concrete or stone.

Surface Layer  This layer provides extra protection from everyday wear and tear.

UV Layer – You’ll also find most products have UV-resistant qualities, making it a good option for all sun-exposed areas in your home. 

Hybrid Flooring Colours and Styles

Hybrid flooring comes in a range of colours, styles and finishes. You can choose from timber, oak, concrete and stone-look hybrid, with ranges designed to mimic not only the look of, but also the feel of natural woods and stones. Scroll through some of our favourites below.

What Are The Pros Of Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid Flooring is Waterproof

Spills and accidents are always a worry in family homes. Hybrid floor planks are constructed with Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) and topped with a protective coating that is waterproof, providing ultimate peace of mind for everyday residential living. This also means that the flooring can be used in high-moisture areas such as your kitchen, laundry, toilets and mud rooms.

Keep in mind that while a big pro is that the hybrid planks themselves are waterproof, they will not be absolutely watertight at the joins and therefore can’t be used in areas where a watertight seal is required such as bathrooms. 

Hybrid Flooring is Low Maintenance

Hybrid floors are perfect for busy family homes and for those who are not ready to take on the upkeep of timber. They don’t need to be sanded back and maintained, they are easy to clean and are stain and scratch-resistant. Just don’t use a steam mop on your hybrid flooring.

Hybrid Flooring Provides a Consistent Style

As hybrid flooring is a digitally rendered product, the pattern that you see is what you get, allowing you to achieve a uniform appearance. If you are wanting a simple and clean look floor, hybrid flooring will give you the consistent look from the lounge to the hallways to the kitchen, enhancing the flow throughout your home.

Hybrid Flooring is Resistant to Fading & UV

Hybrid planks are manufactured with a UV coating, allowing it to withstand the effects of constant direct sunlight.

Hybrid Flooring is Suitable for Multi-Level Homes

Hybrid planks with an inbuilt underlay can improve the acoustics in your home. As hybrid flooring is quieter underfoot than some other flooring types, this can reduce noise between the two floors of your home. 

Hybrid Flooring is Perfect for Renovations

Whether you’re renovating a family home or investment property, hybrid flooring planks are a great option when considering the flooring for renovation. They’re low maintenance, scratch-resistant, durable and easy to clean – making them a perfect solution for family homes and/or rental properties.

Hybrid Flooring Installation & Floor Preparation

Hybrid flooring is a ‘floating floor’ and as such, does not need to be glued or nailed down. Most hybrid flooring sold at One Source Flooring comes in a form of ‘click’ install, so they can be individually lifted if damage does occur. However, it is important to note that unlike vinyl flooring, hybrid planks can not be lifted individually and any repairs should be discussed with a professional.

Most importantly, hybrid flooring does require a level surface for installation. We recommend that you engage with a professional floor installer (like One Source), when installing hybrid plank flooring as you may require levelling compounds and or grinding before install. This way you will have confidence that your floor has been installed correctly and benefit from our 5 Year Installation Guarantee and any Manufacturer’s Warranties. 

How To Clean Hybrid Flooring

We suggest using PureFlor hard surface cleaner on your new hybrid floors. It is Australian-Made, contains only natural ingredients in a concentrated formulation, is pH neutral, non-toxic and removes the toughest stains by destroying organic stains, soils and odours at source. We suggest using a damp cloth or mop, not a wet one.

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Installing Hybrid Flooring

As professional flooring installers we, of course, are going to recommend choosing an experienced installer to lay your hybrid flooring. But there’s some pretty important reasons behind why it’s really not a bad idea:

  • We offer a 5 Year Installation Guarantee, so if anything should go wrong with your hybrid flooring installation, we’re local and are able to help.
  • Our installers are professionals and are hand-picked due to their experience in the industry. They have the expertise to ensure that your hybrid flooring installation has been done properly – allowing you to maintain your manufacturer’s guarantees/warranties.
  • Rest assured that your levelling and expansions have been done correctly, avoiding costly relaying expenses. We have a great blog on how to avoid a DIY Disaster.

We cover some super helpful tips in our FAQs on our Hybrid page . 

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