Unveiling Gold Coast's 2024 Flooring Trends: From Sustainable Flooring to Luxurious Carpets

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to look forward to the carpet and flooring trends that will grace our homes and commercial spaces in 2024. The flooring industry is constantly evolving, driven by innovation and design, and Gold Coast residents are quick to embrace the latest trends. In this blog, we’ll explore our top 2024 flooring trends on the Gold Coast, focusing on carpet and flooring products available at our Showroom, One Source Flooring. Whether you’re a homeowner, designer, or business owner, we have our top predictions covered below.

Popular 2024 Flooring Trends on the Gold Coast

Sustainable Flooring Choices

In the age of environmental consciousness, sustainable flooring is making it’s mark. One Source Flooring offers a variety of eco-friendly flooring products that cater to this change in demand including engineered timber and cork flooring. These materials not only look stunning but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Our pick – Intenso by Quick-Step.

  • Quick-Step is creative with how they use wood waste
  • They use recovered or fast-growing wood 
  • PEFC and FSC labelled
  • See more here.
Quick Step Intenso Smoked Mountain Oak Lifestyle

Carpet Revival

Carpet is back in style, and it’s better than ever. The Gold Coast has seen a resurgence in carpeted interiors, thanks to innovative patterns and textures—including the ever-popular Wool Carpet. One Source Flooring’s collection includes an array of stylish and durable carpet options. From plush and luxurious to patterned and modern, there’s a carpet for every taste.

Our pick – Samurai by Bremworth

  • Wool carpet is aturally hypoallergenic
  • Samurai uses wool fibres which are 100% renewable
  • Wool fibre’s protective membrane acts as a natural stain resistant
Master Bedroom 16

Vinyl Planks Bringing a Touch of Luxury

Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) continue to dominate the Gold Coast flooring scene. They mimic the look of hardwood or natural stone, yet are more affordable and easier to maintain. One Source Flooring offers an extensive selection of LVP options that cater to various design preferences, from rustic wood looks to sleek, modern finishes.

Our pick – Northern Grain by Interface

  • 15 Year LVT Product Warranty
  • Low maintenance & easy to clean
  • Available in 12 modern colours
If 2022 Northern Grain Chiffonoak Herringbone 1

Flooring Colours & Textures That Will Define 2024​

The Gold Coast’s ocean-side charm has inspired a wave of coastal-themed interiors. Flooring choices are no exception. Pale, beachy hues like soft blues, sandy taupes, and driftwood greige are the go-to colours for a relaxed coastal vibe. One Source Flooring’s range includes an assortment of coastal-inspired flooring options in engineered timber, vinyl and laminate and carpet will help you create that perfect coastal atmosphere in your space.

Herringbone and Chevron Flooring

Houzz predicts that herringbone patterns will make a come back in 2024, making a statement in both Gold Coast homes and businesses. One Source Flooring offers a stunning range of options featuring these timeless patterns, adding a touch of classic elegance to any space. Whether it’s the warmth of engineered timber or the practicality of vinyl, herringbone bring a sense of sophistication and style to your floors.

Riverhill-iDesign-Herringbone-15307 Light Malt

Practical Flooring Solutions for 2024

Waterproof* Flooring

In a region where moisture can be a challenge, waterproof flooring is a practical choice. One Source Flooring offers a variety of waterproof flooring options, including waterproof laminate and luxury vinyl planks. These products are not only resistant to moisture but also easy to clean, making them ideal for Gold Coast living.

Our pick – Aquastop Laminate by Preference Floors

  • Engineered to inhibit moisture ingress from topical liquid spills, water and pet accidents.
  • 14mm range allows for moisture exposure for up to 72 hours
  • 35 Limited Residential Structural Warranty*
Preference Aquastop Beach 14mm Hero

Low-Maintenance Flooring

Busy Gold Coast residents and business owners appreciate low-maintenance flooring options that save time and effort. Consider laminate flooring or easy-care vinyl planks from One Source Flooring. These options are not only sleek and modern but also hassle-free to maintain.

Our pick – Impressive by Quick-Step

  • Finished with a ‘HydroSeal’ coating making the surface waterproof
  • Extra protective layer using Scratch Guard Technology
  • Available in 2 sizes with a 25 Year Domestic Warranty
Quick Step Impressive Laminate Soft Oak Natural Hero

Transform Your Space with 2024's Flooring Trends

Laminate Flooring is Taking Centre Stage

In 2024, laminate flooring is taking centre stage. Laminate flooring is a versatile and durable option for Gold Coast homes and families. One Source Flooring’s laminate flooring options are not only stylish but also water-resistant and easy to clean. They are the perfect solution for high-traffic areas in your home, families and homes with pets. 

2024 will also mark a turning point in the world of flooring trends on the Gold Coast, and one significant change is the fading popularity of hybrid flooring. Once celebrated for its blend of laminate and vinyl attributes, hybrid flooring is no longer the go-to choice for Gold Coast renovators. This shift can be attributed to evolving consumer preferences and advancements in the flooring industry. Homeowners and businesses are now seeking alternatives that offer even better water resistance and durability. As we bid farewell to hybrid flooring, we welcome a new era of flooring options that cater to the ever-changing demands of Gold Coast interiors.

Osi Logos2 Cropped

Interior Design with a Focus on Flooring

In 2024, the trendsetting flooring choice is not just about the floor itself but about the entire interior design experience. Embrace the One Source Interiors Service as the latest trend in Gold Coast home and commercial design scene. At One Source Interiors, you can work with experienced professionals to create a harmonious and stylish interior that includes the perfect flooring selection. Whether you’re looking for engineered timber flooring, plush carpet or more, our One Source Interiors Design Service can help bring your design ideas to life. By combining expert guidance with high-quality flooring options from One Source Flooring, you can achieve a seamlessly coordinated and visually stunning interior space.

One Source Interiors Design Selections

As we prepare to step into 2024, the Gold Coast’s carpet and flooring trends are shaping up to be an exciting blend of sustainability, style, and practicality. With One Source Flooring’s extensive range of options, you can transform your space to meet the demands of the new year.

Whether you’re drawn to the coastal elegance of the Gold Coast or the appeal of  or the practicality of low-maintenance flooring, there’s a trend to suit every taste. Don’t forget to explore our Interior Design options with an extra touch of personalisation.

The Gold Coast’s flooring scene is ever-evolving, and staying ahead of the 2024 flooring trends will ensure your space remains not only stylish but also functional. Make your flooring choices wisely and keep an eye on the upcoming trends to create a beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable environment on the Gold Coast. One Source Flooring is here to help you turn your flooring dreams into reality, ensuring that your space reflects the best of 2024’s carpet and flooring trends.

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