Hospitality & Retail

Hospitality & Retail

Restaurants, Hotels and Retail stores, places of high foot traffic. You will need to consider the design and style, durability, maintenance and value of the flooring.
For lobbies, lounge and common areas the use of cushion backed carpet tiles or dual bonded carpet on underlay can be used to provide a memorable experience of comfort, whilst durable and serviceable on the other hand.

For food service areas in bars and restaurants where food and drink spillage can pose potential slip risks, our range of safety vinyl will ensure your flooring meets industry standards. It is essential to ensure that your flooring is suitable to eliminate risk of slips, trips and falls.

We understand the importance of functional floor coverings. One Source Flooring will help you select and effectively install your flooring the highest quality finish.

Our range of commercial carpet and vinyl flooring meet the requirements for;

Castor wheel wear – BS-EN 985
Fire Rated – ISO 9239-1
Antistatic – BS ISO 6356
Volatile Organic Compound – ISO 10580 Accredited
Antimicrobial – AATCC174