Dental & Medical

Dental & Medical

The primary requirement governing the selection of flooring for healthcare is that it should be ‘fit for purpose’ and that the functional performance of the flooring should match the users’ requirements.

In Dental and Medical practices the use of commercial sheet vinyl in all surgery and practice rooms is necessary for an impervious floor finish to manage infection control. Vinyl seams must be heat welded and floor to wall junctions must be coved in these areas.

In areas such as reception, hallways and waiting rooms the use of either vinyl or carpet is common. For carpet application the use of a level loop or cut pile tufted carpet laid by direct stick is recommended for most healthcare applications.

One Source Flooring will help you select and effectively install your flooring the highest quality finish.

Our range of commercial carpet and vinyl flooring meet the requirements for;

Castor wheel wear – BS-EN 985
Fire Rated – ISO 9239-1
Antistatic – BS ISO 6356
Volatile Organic Compound – ISO 10580 Accredited
Antimicrobial – AATCC174